Short Supply

Having the wholesale flexibility in your Routing Table to Assign addresses to customers who want more than the usual /30 is a situation becoming a thing of the past for most hosting providers



We Invented IPAAS

IPv4 address space “as-a-service” We have an abundant supply of global IPv4 addresses available for deployment on our IPv4 cloud or at your existing data center location under an IPv4 lease agreement.

We are the only hosting provider in North America that will allow you to use

our IPs at your own data center or with your existing service provider

How does this program work?

We provide you with a “letter of authorization” to route and announce our IP space at your data center. This means that you don’t have to move or migrate any of your existing infrastructure but are able to take advantage of our IP resources. Most hosting providers will gladly allow you to bring in your own IP space announce the IPs for free or a nominal charge.

Our Leasing Packages start with a minimum of a /24 (256 IPs) as a /24 or “Class C” is the smallest routable block.